Au Mojave Prospectors of Hesperia

Placer Pete Outing March 30, 2019

 The Placer Pete outing was announced by President Jeff Lish for Saturday, March 30, 2019. It was a warm, sunny day and the turnout was good. The newly listed GPAA claim had been extensively worked in the past, and showed signs of being a good site. It was reached by following Coolgardie Road and then branching off onto BLM route 2525 followed by route 2509. It was determined that it might be easier to reach from Hinkley as the roads were very rough going this way. It appears to be only 4 miles or less from our normal outing spot in the Coolgardie area. Several groups met at our regular outing site and then proceeded to the Placer Pete claim, where we discovered that Richard Root, Gary DuBois and  many other members were already on site. We took many "test" buckets and had a few dry washers working. Several members were able to pan out small amounts of color on site, while an analysis of the test buckets is still pending. 

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