Au Mojave Prospectors of Hesperia


President Robert Barton

Vice President: Will Pallo

President Robert Barton


Treasurer: Richard Root

Vice President: Will Pallo

President Robert Barton


Vice President: Will Pallo

Vice President: Will Pallo

Vice President: Will Pallo


Secretary: Robert Downs

GPAA Liason: Sharronann Halverson

Secretary: Robert Downs



CLAIMS: Hugo Mietzner

GPAA Liason: Sharronann Halverson

Secretary: Robert Downs


GPAA Liason: Sharronann Halverson

GPAA Liason: Sharronann Halverson

GPAA Liason: Sharronann Halverson

Chapter Info

Additional Information


 As stated on our HOME page, the Au Mojave Prospectors of Hesperia,CA.  Inc. (aka: AuMP). We are a non-profit 501(c)(7) & we were formed as a  chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America (aka: GPAA) on  December 14, 2002 by 18 local GPAA members that got together to  establish the Hesperia, CA. chapter. 

   The AuMP meeting information is on the HOME page as to the place and  time and there is NEVER any dues or fees to attend a meeting or  function. We are a family oriented club, be sure to bring your children  as they are our prospecting future. Our meetings run between 1 - 1.5  hrs, unless we have a speaker.

   Our intent is to educate the public on the various ways to prospect as a Small Scale Miner  and to be a responsible steward of our lands. Besides participating in  GPAA events, we also have booths (generally we have a panning  demonstration, sell GOLD concentrates and give out chapter information)  at various events held by the towns and clubs in the high desert area.  

  The following are some of the Small Scale Miner operations  we are active with: Panning. dry washing, high bankers (which requires a  tub of water), metal detecting ( Gold, Coin and relic shooting) and  sluicing. Members have traveled to areas to legally DREDGE, until we are  allowed to DREDGE again in California.

   Lately there has been an increasing number of members that have shown  an interest in hunting for other minerals, such as semi precious rocks and  gems, they could get lucky and find high quality gems!   

   As a non-profit 501(c)(7) we are required to donate to a charity. We  have chosen the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation, located at 10755  Apple Valley Rd, Apple Valley, CA. 92308  

   Their History:  The Victor Valley Child Abuse Task Force was formed in  1982 with the mission of stemming a rising tide of child abuse, neglect,  abandonment and death in the High Desert of San Bernardino County in  Southern California.  In 1992, the name was changed to the Happy Trails  Children’s Foundation, to reflect the participation and support of Roy  Rogers and Dale Evans, King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West.


New Member General Information


WELCOME to Au Mojave Prospectors (aka: AuMP)

We  strive to educate the public in an environmentally safe way to prospect  for minerals. Our meetings are open to the public and we are family  orientated plus it is FREE to attend any of our functions.

1-  We are Incorporated and a non-profit 501(c)(7) chapter in good standing  with the Gold Prospecting Association of America (aka: GPAA) and the  Lost Duchman Mining Association (aka: LDMA).

2-  Our Board Members are: Pres.- Jeffrey Lish, V.P.-  Will Pallo, Sect.- Norma Shearer, Tres.- Richard Root, Claims - Hugo  Mietzner, webmaster - Robert Downs.

3-  Sign - in We use the sign up sheet for the Door Prize Drawing (it's  FREE), we also can keep track of who has attended our meetings. Also  check in with the Secretary (Norma Shearer) to fill out our  Membership/Liability form.

4-  Our Meetings are on the third (3rd) Thurs of each month at 7pm and last  no longer than 2 hrs, unless we have a guest speaker. Our meetings are  FREE to attend, bring the children as they are our future Prospectors.  In order to become and maintain your Au Mojave membership you must  attend a minimum of 3 meetings a year or 2 meeting and 1 chapter outing,  this requirement is in our By-Laws, the By-Laws can be found on our web  site under CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.

5-  Drawings: We have 4 drawings to enter into, the door prize is (FREE) we  use the sign-in sheet to pick the winners. Three (3) of the drawings  which require you to buy tickets at 6 tickets for $5 or $1 each. These  are the 50/50 drawing, half the monies collected goes to the person that  is holding the ticket that is drawn and the other half goes to the Au  Mojave Treasury. The Silver drawing, we take the total $ taken in and  divide that by Silver cost to give us the number of Silver 1 ounce  rounds or 1 ounce bars to be given out. Then we have the Gold drawing,  we take the total $ taken in and divide that by the Gold cost to  determine the number of Gold jewel cases (not to exceed ½ gram of GOLD)  that are given out. Tickets are sold before the meeting starts, at the  break and just before the drawing takes place by our Treasurer. All  drawings are held at the end of the meeting.

6-  (PLP) Public Lands for the People ( They have been a major  help in the courts to help keep our mining rights. There are 2 other  organizations that are helping with our fight to keep our rights as  Small Scale Miners. They are the American Mining Rights Association  ( & the Mining and Minerals Advisory Council (  which is working to re-organize the Mining Districts on the Federal  level & to reopen our public lands.

7-  EDUCATION – During the school year we go to local schools and teach the  students and teachers how to pan for GOLD, primarily 4th graders since  they are taught California GOLD history in the spring, we show them and  let them pan for real GOLD. We also question them on California Gold  History and give them a little more information on the History of Gold  in the USA.

8-  OUTINGS – We have 2 claims that our members can use just as long as one  of claim owners are present . We usually have someone out prospecting  every weekend in the Coolgardie area which is north/west of Barstow.  There are some members that spend most of their time out prospecting. We  let members at the meetings know about any up coming outings and as to  who, where and when someone is going prospecting.

9-  GPAA/LDMA: Au Mojave as stated above is a GPAA/LDMA Chapter. We have  GPAA membership kit at the meeting, the cost for the GPAA kits are  $84.50 for a years membership. There is a $14.50 savings by getting a  kit from our chapter or from the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop @ 9565 C  Ave #K, Hesperia, CA. By buying the GPAA kit from the chapter or the  shop you are automatic member of AuMP. If you sign up directly with  GPAA, you need to tell them what chapter you want to belong to. The  chapter gets points for each sign up or renewal, we can use these points  for items in the GPAA product catalog. Your kit will contain: a Mining  Guide (aka: MG), 14” Gold Pan, DVD (How to get started), a GPAA hat, 2  GPAA stickers, Mag & news paper plus your temp membership card which  will allow you to go prospecting right away. The MG has hundreds of  gold claims GPAA members have the exclusive right to use and keep all  the gold they find on these claims. The (LDMA) is a organization within  the GPAA. The LDMA has 13 patented gold baring camps that a member can  stay at for up to 6 months at a time and any gold you find you get to  keep. For more information ask to talk to one of our chapter LDMA  members.

10-  Au Mojave Sales: we have  T-Shirts w/pocket and the chapter logo  and name on the back plus our name on the front for sale at $15 each and  a chapter badge with the chapter logo and your first or aka: name on it  for $15 each. For additional AuMP items for sale check with our  Treasurer.


                            GRAIN             GRAM            DWT TROY            OZ TROY            OZ AV

GRAIN              1.0000             0.0648           0.0417                      0.0021                 0.0023

GRAM               15.4324            1.0000           0.6430                     0.0321                 0.0353

DWT TROY     24.0000          1.5552             1.0000                     0.0500                0.0549

OZ TROY         480.0000       31.1035           20.0000                  1.0000                 1.0971

ONCE AV         437.5000        28.3495          18.2292                    0.9115                  1.0000

How Pure Is Your Gold?

24 karats = 100 percent gold 22 karats = 91.75 percent gold 21 karats = 87.5 percent gold

18 karats = 75 percent gold 14 karats = 58.5 percent gold 12 karats = 50.25 percent gold

10 karats = 42 percent gold 9 karats = 37.8 percent gold


Gold prospecting in the High Desert.

Metal detecting in the High Desert.

Gold panning in the High Desert.

 Au Mojave chapter has one claim consisting of 60 acres which can be used by chapter members and a coalition of 7 chapter members that has a 40 acre claim that can be used by AuMP members as long as one of the claim holders is on the claim. Both claims are located in the Coolgardie area which is north west of Barstow, CA.     AuMP also has a GPAA claim called the  Little Crystal located south west in Hesperia, CA. In order to use this  claim you must be a member of GPAA. When you sign up with GPAA a claims guide comes with the membership. 

 Since 12-12-2017 AuMP has had several chapter members out in the Coolgardie  area prospecting away. It was reported that one of our members happened  to find a small nugget in December and another in January, Others have found their share of gold. 

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